About CoachBillFoss.com

Hi there–I’m Bill Foss and thanks for spending this time with me.

You may have started your business from a much better place than I. 
I started my business life with NO college degree, no money, and lots of struggles. 
I  blamed my struggles on my lack of credentials. Can you relate? 
I pushed hard to learn everything I could –constantly reading, studying, and learning so I would not look stupid. 
I kept thinking that when I learn this or get that certification THEN I’d feel confident to do more and be more. 

I was a “Someday I Will….”   guy. But someday never came…

Do you ever feel that way–like you’re not quite ready yet?

I  believe that you are good enough, smart enough and have access to all the resources you need to succeed!

It took me YEARS to understand a very important lesson. I was always enough at every point in my life! I believe you are, too. You are enough.  You are smart enough, good enough, and worthy enough  But Do YOU believe it? I know I did NOT feel like I was.

I was driven to be more than a lumberyard manager. As contractors came into my yard they  talked about the real estate they just bought and the money they made.  I wanted a piece of the pie.

I began to invest in real estate.  I bought my first investment property at  twenty. The deal did not go well. I ended up in court with the seller. I won, but swore I’d learn how real estate transactions worked and went to get my license. Once I understood how real estate was supposed to work I became passionate about helping others avoid the experiences I had .  What are  you passionate about? 

Have you ever had an experience that you thought was “bad”
that actually guided you on a path that served you?  

I help my clients discover who-they-really-are using a process to uncover their true purpose and passions.  These can be discovered hidden away in the patterns of your life.  Patterns you are probably not even be aware of.   Though I didn’t know it then, that bad real estate experience changed my life. You have had experiences, both “good” and “bad” that will change yours. Allow me to help you uncover them and use them in your favor.

What is “it” for you?  Real estate was “it” for me…

What is your passion? What is your juice?   What is your purpose, your mission, your inner being?   

At 27, I felt stuck in a job I hated. I had two children and two rental properties. I had tried real estate sales part time and quickly realized I couldn’t fulfill my need to provide a higher level of service and do things the right way.  So I stopped. 

I refinanced my investment properties, went into debt, and quit my job.   Most people thought I was crazy!    

Two years later,  I opened my own brokerage from my home and in six short years, we went from zero to number six in our twenty-three cities and towns. 

I made a commitment to take control of my life…period.  

Have you fully committed yet?    Do you know, clearly, what you have committed to?  

Then, I purchased a RE/MAX Franchise.   One year later we became the #1 office in our market, outperforming all competitors and producing 52% more sales with 48% fewer agents!  Our associates averaged over 23.5 transactions per agent per year INCLUDING our “newbies”. 

This impressive production prompted RE/MAX International to recognize us as the Fastest-Growing Brokerage in the US for our market size!  How?  With a clear strategic vision  designed to serve ideal agents and clients.

Do you have a clear strategy that is aligned with a clear vision?   

Are You Ready For A Deep Dive Towards The Innermost Secrets To Your Success?

I believe I can help you, regardless of your business or profession. 

I’ve discovered most people, maybe even you, already know what to do to succeed but are not doing what they know.  Are you?   

Many of us commit to certain actions or goals but then do not commit to the commitment and change direction or quit.   

It’s often said that Michael Jordan would not have been as successful as he was if it were not for Phil Jackson.  Could Phil Jackson play basketball at the level of Michael?  No, few ever have!   Can we agree, the right coach and coaching approach can help even the best be better and, that it is not the experiences of the coach or mentor that are most important. 

The point is you probably focus on “how to” do business better than you are today.  You  have probably invested to learn HOW to improve your marketing, sales, and conversion techniques. Maybe you invest in better technology or improve your hiring, training and delegation skills. 

Don’t get me wrong, of course you have to learn more and better ways to do things.  However, I believe this is how to achieve incremental improvement.  If that is all you are seeking that’s fine. 

So, while I may not know your business, I do know success principles. 

But, If it helps you…in addition to the lumber yard and real estate brokerages,  I owned and/or managed MANY businesses including  directing a  ski school,  a ski rental business, a sporting goods retail store and wholesale operation, an apparel embroidery and screen printing business, opened and operated a cafe and co-developed  Goal Genesis, a software platform to help clients commit to and achieve their goals.   

If you are seeking a quantum leap then we need to change the most important thing...YOU! 

I believe you really need to align your business with who YOU really are….the inner you…the deeply conditioned you.   

I believe an aligned business places you above the competition and outside influences like the economy.  Alignment is crucial.  It was the conflict within me that triggered me to spin out of control and ruin a six million dollar a year business.  Now, I am 100% responsible for my life, even when it seems outside conditions are influencing my success or lack thereof.   It is not outside…it is me and I am on a mission to help others, maybe you to discover how to align their business and life vision with who-you-really-are.  That may have felt rather blunt.   So many try to get to where they are going without transforming and aligning because it is easier and more comfortable.  This fact leads to chasing shiny lures…chasing the next training program, technology or whiz-bang whatever.  That’s not the answer.

If you are ready, willing and committed to experiencing a quantum leap, I have developed proven strategies and techniques to guide you to more clarity, to move through fears, self-limiting beliefs, value conflicts, and propel you towards the success you truly desire. I know that my methods work!   I did not create these processes, but I have learned and applied them on a deeper level so the strategies and techniques I use aren’t just something that you just learn, set and forget.  It will require a commitment on your part.

I will help you achieve personal and business growth by guiding you to begin at the beginning. You are the source of your success.   So together, let’s discover who-YOU-really-are, then create a clear and vivid vision of your ideal life and layout a blueprint to follow to develop the character and attitude necessary to become the person who creates a business that serves your life, your ideal life.    Be you, Be Willing, Be Free.